Looking for the fountain of youth? Skip the Eat, Pray, Love journey. All you have to do is chuck these 10 style mistakes and you’ll look younger overnight. Hey, we share because we care. Mistake #1: Black Overload Sure, black can be slimming, but here’s the real deal: As we age, our skin gets thinner and the starkness of a black top against our faces will emphasize wrinkles and dark circles. So, lighten up! Mistake #2: Wearing the Wrong Bra Size Did you know that wearing the wrong bra size not only makes you look older, but it can shrink your torso and affect how every item in your wardrobe fits? Make sure you know your true bra size. It will change your life. Mistake #3: Emphasizing Your Lower Lashes Painting up your lower lashes with eyeliner and mascara only draws attention downward and overemphasizes crow’s-feet and dark undereye circles. When you apply makeup, think of how a facelift works. Everything should be lifted up, up and away. So, skip the lower lashes and focus on your upper lashes instead. Makes sense, right? Mistake #4: Embracing Too Much Normcore Mom jeans may be back, but so are bucket hats. Take it with a grain of salt. Mistake #5: Thick, Oversized Glasses Every woman should have one statement piece or signature look they rely on. Thick glasses have a tendency to magnify fine lines and wrinkles around the face, however. To try out a different pair that will suit you better Mistake #6: Over-Applying Matte Makeup We get it: No one wants to walk around feeling like a grease ball. But if you go overboard on mattifying makeup products, you’ll zap the moisture from your skin and lose the dewy glow of youth. Add a little bit of shine on your lips and stick with only one matte product at a time. Mistake #7: Dropping Your Hemline Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to cover up and join a convent. In fact, hemlines hovering at or above your ankle may make you appear frumpier, wider and yes, older. One trick to dressing your shape is finding the thinnest part of your leg and shopping for dresses and skirts that fall around that point. Mistake #8: Severe Haircuts When you’re 17, severe haircuts are at worst emo and at best cutting edge. But as you age, severe cuts are just, well, severe. If you want to shed 10 years, soften your hairdo and schedule frequent trims to ward off dry, brittle ends. Mistake #9: Buying Jeans with Too Much Stretch When stretch jeans came out, we all thought our prayers were answered — that is, until we figured out that “too much of a good thing” meant “saggy butt syndrome.” When you’re looking for stretch jeans, check the tag to make sure your new jeans don’t have more than 2 percent elastic fibers. It’s the equivalent of a butt lift for a fraction of the cost. Mistake #10: Piling on the Foundation An excess of foundation will cake in the creases of your skin and we all know how that story ends. Instead, stick with a good BB cream or a tinted moisturizer and call it a day.